Indigo’s UX Labs is now part of UX Fellows, a global network of user exp agencies

Created on: 03/13/2012 - 14:25

UX Labs, the usability consulting and design division of digital
marketing agency Indigo Consulting, is now part of UX Fellows, the
international network of user experience research agencies. UX Labs is one of
the 10 founding members across the global network spanning continents including
the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific region. It is
also the only user experience research agency from India and one of the two
agencies in the Asia Pacific region to be part of the global network.

UX Fellows is a recently launched international network of
usability and user experience research companies working together to provide
high quality and cost efficient cross-cultural user experience research.

Launched in 2009, UX Labs has a team of psychologists and
interaction designers with understanding of users online behavior and thereby
actualizing both strategic research insights and innovative and impactful brand
experiences. UX Labs has structured interfaces for and conducted research with
users from various geographies including India, UK, USA, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and
various places in the Middle East. Their list of clients includes HDFC Bank,
ICICI Prudential, Max New York Life, NSE, Thomas Cook, First Gulf Bank, Abu
Dhabi Commercial Bank, Mahindra Group etc.

Priti Jhavar from UX Labs, says, “We are very
proud to be the only agency from India to become a part of a global UX network.
There is an increasing demand for international user research and testing with
Indian audiences, and we believe that our local knowledge and expertise will
help global projects tremendously.  Being
a part of UX Fellows enables us to tap into international best practices and
extend our services across the global network.”

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