Komli Media launches Remarketing Demand Side Platform for e-commerce sites
06 Feb 2014

Komli Media, digital media company, announced the launch of Remarketing Demand Side Platform (RDSP) that will enable digital marketers to convert site visitors into customers by offering customised ad campaigns for each visitor.

Speaking to India Digital Review, Ashwin Puri, VP Remarketing, Komli Media, explains, “Remarketing is the process of getting back to marketing to those users who have come to your site and shown some intent. Demand Side Platform, very simply put, is a self-serve platform. E-commerce sites can use it to run the remarketing campaign themselves and not only will they have control over the campaign but will also be offered complete transparently from a cost perspective.”

E-commerce sites can also choose to leverage Komli’s campaign management and optimization expertise while they build these capabilities internally.

RDSP will also offer insights like customer data, campaign strategies and performance analytics to websites.

Some other features of RSDP include native dynamic creative optimization, advanced audience segmentation, and built-in performance optimization.

Puri adds, “Komli works with over 75 per cent of the top advertisers in APAC which gives us an opportunity to understand the emerging trends in this market. We are seeing remarketing spends for most performance advertisers increase rapidly and it will soon be one of the largest channels for digital performance advertising. As this medium becomes significant, advertisers will demand greater transparency and control, which is the evolution we have seen for search and social. Komli has really innovated here to create one of the world’s first remarketing DSPs.”

Talking about clients using this platform, Puri tells IDR, “We went live a couple of months ago and so far we have 20 clients using the platform now. Myntra is one of them. Most of our clients are in India, we also have a couple of clients in Singapore. We are also in the process of rolling this out in other markets of South East Asia and Australia in the next two months.”

As a part of increasing its focus on remarketing and social, Komi is also announcing key changes to its leadership team to align itself with these focus areas.

The company has also aligned its organization structure to intensify its focus on remarketing and social.

Amar Goel, CEO and Founder, Komli Media said, “Marketing via social and remarketing will be the key pillars of growth as we take Komli to the next level. We have aligned our leadership team so that we have people focusing at both a regional and product level.”

Ashwin Puri is now heading Komli’s Remarketing DSP business, in addition to its mobile business, while Matt Sutton is leading the Social business. Mukesh Agarwal will run product management across the company. To drive growth in its core regions, Komli has promoted Damien Lavin to run the Southeast Asia and Australia regions. Rakesh Malani has also expanded his responsibilities to run HR globally, in addition to his CFO role.  All are now part of the leadership team at Komli Media.

RDSP goes live for the mobile platform next month. Puri said, “We are testing it for the mobile medium and it will be live with mobile in the next month.”