LD Sharma to bring another affiliate network to India powered by UK-based OMG
07 Jul 2008
UK-based Online Media Group, a leading affiliate network with strong position in the Finance and Insurance sector, will power LD Sharma’s newly set up online marketing company Shoogloo to bring second affiliate network in India. OMG, which has clients like Aviva, MBNA and Virgin, is expected to launch its technology in India by the middle of August 2008.

LD Sharma, MD, Shoogloo Affiliate Marketing, has said, “Affiliate marketing in India is now scaling up and it is now time that we have more affiliate networks. I feel proud to know that I am one of those few people who brought this concept and scaled up. OMG UK specializes in financial / insurance sector and using their technology, we see huge potential in Indian market where everyone is willing to do business on performance.” Shoogloo specialises in performance based online marketing.

Richard Syme, chief executive officer, OMG, has said, “We are very excited about this partnership. OMG's technology is second to none in the UK affiliate market and it is an excellent platform for performance based online marketing in India. This feels like the right time to be entering the Indian market which is showing huge potential. We believe that the combination of our technology aligned with Shoogloo's expertise will create a very powerful alternative for performance based marketers in India.”

UK-based another affiliate network company DGM Holdings (formerly Deal Group Media) is already present in India. The company launched its Indian subsidiary DGM India in June 2007. Prior to launching his own company, L D Sharma was working at DGM India as director of search and affiliate.


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28 Nov 2012

we are a startup in travel domain.We sell bus tickets through our portal .We are looking for an affiliate company which can help us for promotion within limited budget.

18 Jan 2011

Guys can't say much good about Shoogloo Network.The payout takes so much time.It's been more than two months & I haven't received any money from them inspite of crossing their payout limit of INR2000.
Read this page : Review-Shoogloo Network

07 May 2009

Its true that Rupiz Affiliate Network doesn't have a good number of merchants.

Commission structure is too low as well as they are not even merchant friendly.

05 Feb 2009

I am affiliate with DGM-India for more than 1 year, and quite happy with them :) They pay regularly, thats what all the affiliates need. Has anybody tried this new network?

Rakesh Malik
26 Aug 2008

It seem that Shoogloo have some how got the affiliates data from the previous company DGM INDIA and now are sending emails to join their network.

I got 2 emails from them asking to join their network and i wonder how as i never opted in for it.

Are there other people too who got emails from the Shoogloo network??

10 Aug 2008

Great information indeed. Good to know that affiliate marketing is entering into india big time. Thanks for the post.