Times Internet to launch as an ecommerce store of Ayurveda products
22 Aug 2012

Times Internet is reportedly launching another ecommerce vertical that will retail Ayurveda products vertical selling food and personal care items. TIL CEO Satyan Gajwani, in an interview to Mint, has said that the website will be called and the same products are going to be available on Indiatimes Shopping as well. According to Gajwani, this is the two-tier structure that the company plans to have in ecommerce business.

Gajwani further said that with an investment of around Rs 40 crore, Indiatimes Shopping, this year, expects to touch revenue of Rs. 300 crore. “In ecommerce, we are not as big in revenues as Flipkart, but two things make us different and, in my mind, a little better. We are very capital-efficient. Say, if another company has invested Rs. 100-150 crore and has revenue of Rs. 300-400 crore.”

Speaking about BoxTV, which was announced by Gajwani at Ad:Tech 2012, Gajwani said, “The product is done, but content deals are taking time. We should build something so good that people would pay for it ultimately. Fortunately, there are global comparables that prove it works.”