9 Best Play Mat Floor Gym for Babies in India – Reviews 2021

Baby Play Mat: Do you have children at home? Are they in the age of playing on their own? Do you feel to create a good playing space for them at home? Are you interested in making their world at home to be great?

Then go for arranging the things in a clever way to amaze them. We are here to help you in making it beautiful. You can first purchase the baby floor mats for crawling. Later it will be useful as a baby play mat. Once the mats are fixed at the place you have chosen at home then go for buying various playing items. The baby gym set is the most interesting thing available in the market.

Best Play Mat Floor Gym

Why Purchase the Play Mat for Kids?

There are many uses for purchasing baby floor mats.

1. Mat is the important thing required for kids who are in the age of crawling. They get hurt while crawling on rough surfaces so it is very much important for the parents to be careful in choosing the material also.

2. As the baby will take and eat small leftover pieces on the floor, one needs to keep the floor clean always. Always cleaning the floor with soapy liquids like floor cleaners many times may cause diseases for children. So to avoid this we can go with mats. You can clean the mat every day very easily. This makes your work easier and also keeps the baby healthy.

9 Best Play Mat Floor Gym for Babies in India

1. Fisher-Price Original Deluxe Kick

Fisher-Price Original Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym, Gender...
  • ​4 Ways to play:
  • Learning content changes with baby's age and stage with smart stages technology:
  • ​Large keyboard with 5 light-up keys, removes for take-along play
  • All Fisher-Price toys have a limit volume for infant’s safety standards while it may sound soft for an adult

Play gym is ideal for babies who love and enjoy play activities. Fisher-Price deluxe kick and play piano gym contain light-up keys. So, the moment babies listen to five different types of sounds they enjoy it. The music also encourages babies to get involved in physical play activities.

The material used for the mat is extra cushioned. Music is soothing for babies and has been designed so that babies respond quickly. This proves helpful for babies to develop their motor skills as babies try and reach out to the overhead hanging toys and lights.

2. DearJoy Baby Kick and Play Gym

DearJoy Baby Kick and Play Gym with Mosquito Net and Baby...
  • Very good quality and the thickest base in its range because DearJoy cares!
  • These products are constructed of sturdy, pre-tested material, so they are "kid tough."
  • Easy to fold, store and wash
  • Loaded with colourful toys, repositionable panel with tactile play

The Dear Joy Baby Kick and Play Gym are useful for every newborn baby between 0 to 6 months. It comes with colorful toys that are safe and soft to help your baby start identifying colors and objects. The hanging activity toys will encourage and engage your little one to reach, bat, and play with them.

This play gym has an option to reduce the height (lower) of hanging toys or move them to the soft mat to encourage the baby to push up for tummy time fun. The overall usage of this activity gym will keep your baby occupied and thereby helps in developing an early response system.

3. Skylofts Waterproof Double Side Baby

Skylofts Waterproof Double Side Baby Play Crawl Floor Mat...
  • Comes in many different colorful designs, will be send as per the availability of stock
  • Ideal for outdoor picnic & camping. Water proof and easy to clean. Flexible and soft. Hygienic and safe
  • In our endeavor to Provide the best quality Products to our esteemed Customer's Possible, we periodically make product modifications, therefore actual Product may vary a little than shown in the Images
  • Soft, slip resistant mat. Prevent baby from hard floor surfaces, Foam sheet mat.

Playmats are essentials for babies to just lay on and enjoy some free time. It can improve their mood and make them tired after a good playtime. Skyloft understands that a baby play mat needs to offer utmost comfort.

The Skylofts baby play mat comes in a variety of designs and colors that keeps your kid entertained while promoting learning. This playmat is also ideal for a picnic and camping.

4. Parklon Double Side Living and Baby Play Mat

This is a reversible play mat that features cute and colorful designs on both sides. The designs stimulate the emotional and creative development of your child while also providing educational objectives of literacy, numeracy, and spatial awareness.

5. Egab Baby Folding Play Foam Playmat

Egab Baby Folding Play Foam Playmat Crawl Mat Waterproof...
  • 【 FOLDING】The super-easy-to-fold mat can be packed into compact size with a FREE carry bag, don't take up much space to store.
  • 【BPA FREE & NON TOXIC】WARNING: Since the mat is soft, it's easy to peel and tear when baby dig the mat, please use it under parental supervision.The BPA free mat can decrease the hazard of baby's health and brain development, provides a safe place to play.
  • 【WATERPROOF& NON-SLIP】The surface is 100% water-resistant and easy to wipe up inevitable spillages with a dry cloth, never worry about stains or cleaning issue. Double L textured design anti-slip helps to reduce slipping and sliding.
  • 【SOFT & LIGHTWEIGHT】High density foam material reduces the impact and noise effectively. Soft and comfortable touch is more apporiate for baby's crawling and playtime. lightweight design is perfect to take it along to the beach, the park or anywhere!

6. Zofey Double Sided Water Proof Baby Mat

Zofey Double Sided Water Proof Baby Mat Carpet Baby Crawl...
  • Soft floor surface for babies and children to play on from birth to school
  • The cushioned surface ensures a soft landing for rolling, tumbling and falls
  • Foldable and convenient to carry.
  • Ideal for outdoor picnic & camping. Water proof and easy to clean. Flexible and soft. Hygienic and safe

How to Choose the Best Play Mat for Kids?

  • Material

It should be very soft on the top portion and it should be rough in the bottom to get a fix to the floor. So that baby won’t get hurt on the top and won’t get skid because of the rough surface present below.

  • Easy to handle

As you place your children in different rooms, the mat should be very easy to handle. It should be of medium weight and also should be easy to clean. If it is of very little weight there are high chances of it moving here and there if there is small air inflow. If it is a heavyweight you cannot lift it.

  • Washable

As your children throw many things on it while playing, it should be clean always. You need to clean it frequently. So it should be washable enough. It is better to purchase the baby floor mats for crawling which is of machine washable. Then you can get less strain. It should also get dry easily otherwise the wetness of it may harm your baby.

  • Price

Price should be in hundreds and should not cross thousands. You go for the best one available in the market as your children are more important to you. Keeping a somewhat big amount for their safety will make you and your baby happy.

Now coming to the playing kits. It is recommended to purchase the play gym for babies.

Why Purchase the Baby Gym Set?

Earlier parents used to take their children to the park where there are many things to play. Babies used to get their bodies stronger by stretching, jumping, and doing a lot more activities.

But nowadays in their busy life parents were unable to take their children outdoors always. The children used to stay at home and play for the whole day. Mainly the nonschool going babies get bored being at home. It is responsible for every parent to make their children grow healthier and also stay strong.

A gym set is the best option to make children’s bodies strong. This gym set can make the babies do enough exercise by playing with it and can keep them healthy.

How to Choose the Best Baby Gym Set?

  • Holding

The holding should be so stiff as your baby starts doing activities with it. It should get fit to the floor firmly whatever the surface may be. It should be able to handle enough weight for your baby.

  • Material

The material should be strong enough and it should not get broken once your child starts doing activities. It should not be of a material that gets rusted easily.

  • Combo

There should be many things to be provided with this gym set. Your baby should grow height by hanging on it with their hands. Baby should be able to jump to catch the items hanged to it. There should be small weight lifting kind of stuff to make their hands stronger and firm.

Our Suggestion:

Choose as per your need and make your children happy by being in small age itself. You can make them have fun during their early stage of life. Make yourself best by giving them the best. Good parents can provide good things to their children by understanding them.

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