9 Best Dough Maker Machine in India 2021 – Electric Dough Maker

Dough Maker Machine: In today’s world, maximum people maintain diet. In their diet, they give preference to roti at night. Preparing roti dough daily is not an easy job. Some people think that it is a hard job to prepare the dough with their hands. To make the process easy here we come with dough making machine. This machine can help you to make your job. It molds the dough with the perfect texture you need.

This dough machine is of two types one is electrical and the other one we can prepare it manually. We can give more preference to electrical dough machine than manual dough machine. Because the electrical dough machine makes the dough spontaneous. It takes less time compared to a manual dough machine. Moreover, a manual dough maker is also a good one. But here we have to make the dough with help of our hands.

Best Dough Maker Machine

So why you are supposed to make your job tough even we are having the atta dough maker? We can buy the product online by seeing the product quality and functioning. But before buying the product we have to check some factors like quality of the product, a product made by, capacity, blade, power consumption, and whether it is washable or not.

9 Best Atta Dough Maker in India

1. Clearline Plastic Non-Stick Dough Maker

Clearline Plastic Non-Stick Dough Maker (White)
  • Easy to use
  • Less power consumption
  • High rotating speed

First on our list is an electric dough maker from Clearline, a well-known brand within the home appliance community.

For beginners who think making dough is a nightmare, the Clearline electric dough maker can help big time. It has grabbed 1st place in the list of the top 10 best atta dough makers in India because of the quality, performance, and smart tuning options.

Compared to others, it has got a 15-minute automatic timer that is suitable for all types of flours like wheat, corn, etc.

Coming to the product, it has got a non-stick bowl with a capacity of 3-liters which means that you can set the ingredients up to the standard. Furthermore, the non-sticky nature of the bowl prevents the dough from sticking to the walls of the container.

2. Dash 250W Stand Mixer

Dash 250W Stand Mixer, 1 Jar (Blue)
  • 2.5qt capacity Stainless Steel bowl allows you to whip up any treats
  • 6 preset speeds allow you to get the perfect mix every time
  • Small, compact and retro design makes this a standout on your kitchen countertop
  • All non-electric parts are dishwasher safe

This dough kneader machine is specially designed for domestic use. The six-speed stand mixer comes with a three qt stainless steel bowl and attachments such as beaters and dough hooks.

3. Preethi Master Chef MGA-524 Atta Kneader

Preethi Master Chef MGA-524 Atta Kneader, 2.1L (White)
  • India's No 1 Mixer-Grinder Brand(as per Francis Kanoi)
  • Best compatible with Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond
  • Also compatible with Preethi Blue Leaf Gold, Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum and Preethi Daisy
  • Perfect atta kneading in just 1 min

No kitchen is complete if it doesn’t have a mixer as no one wants to rush to the local mill for small errands.

The atta kneader jar, just like other products by Preethi, has entered the kitchens around the world effortlessly with its multiple show-stopper features.

It offers perfect atta kneading in less than a minute with chopping function as well stainless Steel Advanced blades for effortless vegetable chopping and atta kneading.

4. Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Kneader

Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Kneader With Non Stick...
  • Technical specs : 650 watt , 230 V , 50 Hz
  • Powerful 650 watt Motor - Large capacity 3 litre non stick coated bowl
  • Double lid design enabling pouring of ingredients during operation : 15 minute automatic timer - Suitable for all types of flour
  • Dimensions – 38 * 22* 24 cm , weight – 3.2 kg - Warranty : One year

This is the best stand-alone electric dough maker to buy online. By stand-alone, I mean that it doesn’t require any accessories, like a mixer or food processor. It also doesn’t require you to manually use it. It’s electric, and it has all the parts necessary for kneading atta.

This is a powerful machine; it runs on 650-watt power. The voltage is 230-V. You need a powerful dough maker like this to properly knead atta. Flour is a lot thicker than regular dough or cream, so a dough maker with a powerful motor is ideal.

It has a 3-liter capacity, which is one of the highest in the market. The bowl is also coated with non-stick material. At this capacity, you can make at least 20-30 chapatis in one go. So it covers all the cooking needs even for large households. It can knead a large amount of dough in a short time.

5. Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker for Home

Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker for Home, Kitchen | Fully...
  • HEAVENLY HOME-MADE BREAD – Sharp Bread Maker is designed with advanced Japanese technology that bakes soft and fresh bread with even textures all around and prevents the loss of nutrients. It will spread the pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread making your place a fort of heaven.
  • LOAF SIZE AND CRUST COLOUR CONTROL – This bread maker comes with two loaf sizes option i.e. 700 grams and 1000 grams. Choose the right option according to the situation in demand. It also provides three crust colours options (Light, Medium & Dark) for your taste and desire.
  • 12 PROGRAMMED MENUS – This product is developed keeping in mind the nutritional benefits of fresh bread. it has 12 in-built programmed menus that will make your job more easy, convenient and hectic-free so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of fresh bread every morning.
  • FRUIT AND NUT DISPENSER – The fruit & nut dispenser releases the ingredients automatically at the optimum time. The Bread Pan is designed to make the bread evenly baked and healthier without any chemicals.

When it comes to bread making, the Sharp Bread Maker ranks in the top choices for the user to look into. Sharp 1.5LB Bread maker has an awesome metallic structure with an appealing look along with a compact design that easily sits on the top of the table.

The Sharp bread maker also provides an awesome interface to the user for controlling the machine. It has soft buttons on the top along with an LCD display which displays the type of process running along with time. The buttons can be used for selecting the color of the bread, setting the time, and choosing the operation.

The machine has the ability to remember the previous operations undertaken by the user. It runs on the 600-watt and Along with this, it has the ability to automatically continue the operation if the power goes off.

6. KENT – 16010 Atta and Bread Maker

Kent - 16010 Atta And Bread Maker 550-Watt (Steel Grey) &...
  • Product 1: 400 Watt power offers high speed
  • Product 1: Comes with variable Speed Control
  • Product 1: Stainless Steel Body suitable for hot and cold blending.
  • Product 1: Has a Detachable Shaft

Another best selling product by a trusted brand is KENT Atta and Bread Maker 550-Watt (Steel Grey). This dough maker is designed in a way that would complement your kitchen layout.

The compact and sleek design of this product does not require much space on your worktop.

7. Nesco BDM-110 12-Program Automatic Bread Maker

Nesco BDM-110 12-Program Automatic Bread Maker, White
  • 480 watts bread maker with 12 program settings
  • Large LCD display and viewing window
  • Delay function up to 13 hours
  • 60 minute keep warm function

As you are looking for the best bread makers in India, Nesco is one of the famous Indian based companies that had its headquarters in Mumbai. So, it is an Indian product that works great in Indian Kitchens.

It has a capacity of 680 grams of flour which is sufficient for an average modern Indian family i.e a family with 2-3 people. Along with the loaf pan, they also provide some extra utensils like 2 measuring cups, spoon, insulated mitt, and pan lift hook.

Though it weighs around 4.3 kg, it has stoppers that hold the surface firmly while kneading and that will be a great choice for a countertop. We need to talk about the delay start feature because it has a 13 hours delay start option.

Here I will Provide you Some Guidelines to Choose the Best Dough Maker Machine in India with Good Features

1 . Power consumption: Electrical dough makers don’t work without a power supply. So make sure that the machine consumes less power. Sometimes due to more power consumption, the machine may overheat.

2. Quantity: We also have to check the quantity. For how much quantity the machine makes the dough. Suppose if we pour the floor more than the machine can prepare then the texture will be different. It will not be soft and in perfect consistency.

3. Product: Product made by Make sure that the machine that was made won’t damage the food. So check the product before, otherwise, it may cause some health problems.

4. Suitable for all types of flours: Better to buy the product that makes the dough with all types of flours. So that we can prepare anything within the machine.

5. Auto-timer option: In some situations, we forgot to stop the machine, so in those cases, the auto timer option helps to stop the machine. So that the dough we prepare will be soft.

6. Blade quality: with the help of the blades the dough will be prepared. So checking the blade quality makes you make the dough good. If the blade’s quality is not good, then the blades may break.

7. Lid: Transparent lid will be better for you. With this, we can check the consistency.

8. Lid type: while molding the dough if you want to add any ingredients we have to open the lid. So check the lid with a double lock so that you can open the lid and you can add the ingredients whatever you want.

9. Brand: The product you choose with a good brand can have some special features. We know that branded products will stay long. The technology used with branded products will worth for the money we spent on the machine.

10. Measurements: purchase the machine which shows the measuring requirements. So that you can add the ingredients with perfect measurements. And the dough will also be in good texture.

These are the factors that we have to check before buying the dough making machine. I will also give you some tips to choose the product.


1. While preparing the dough make sure that the machine doesn’t get sound. It will be convenient for our use.

2. Some machines will also do other work like cutting, preparing drinks other than preparing the dough. So buying a dough machine with these special features will be good.

3. Select the machine which can be washable.

4. Buy the dough machine which takes less time to prepare the dough.

5. Steel blades help you to make the job faster.

6. Buy an electric dough machine which is shockproof.

7. The bowl that prepares the dough should be non-sticky.

8. Check the stability of the machine. So that the machine where you placed will be in the same position while kneading the dough.

9. Machine which is having a minimum of Two-speed options is better to use.

10. Check how many bowls they will provide.


1. It saves a lot of time.

2. It is also hygienic because we are not using our hands during molding the dough.

3. We can clean very easily and we can also store it so that it avoids bacteria.

4. The dough we get will be the perfect texture.

5. We can also chop vegetables.

6. It takes less time but consumes more power.

7. We can add any ingredients during molding so that it will be healthy.

8. Fewer efforts with perfect consistency.

9. The product will be worth the money.

10. Many modes are available so that we can prefer whatever we need.

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