Best Note Counting Machines in India 2021 For Your Home & Office

Best Note Counting Machines: Are you running a business or retail shop? Are you fed up with counting money on your own? Did you get any loss while counting money in a manual way? Are you afraid of counting money with a human hand? Are you dealing with a lot of liquid cash transactions?

The best way is to purchase a currency checking machine. It will be more helpful. The best note counting machine will give you the exact count without trouble. Its components may be electronic or mechanical both are acceptable. There will be less burden if you use the best note counting machine. If you are dealing with liquid cash it will be easy for you if you use the currency counting machine with fake note detector.

Best Note Counting Machines

Best Note Counting Machines in India

1. Godrej Crusader Lite

Godrej Crusader Lite
  • Loose Note Counting Machine With Fake Note Detect
  • Automatic Detection With UV (Ultraviolet), MG (Megnetic), And IR (Infra-Red) With Big TFT Screen Display. Automatic Start, Stop And Clearing
  • Customer needs to just check whether the UV and MG button is on also it is very important how the placement of notes are being done in pocket. If the currency notes are not kept properly in pocket it would not count the notes properly

Godrej is a global conglomerate based in India. And, it is one of the most popular companies in India. They have many types of products from electronics, home appliances, health care, and more.

The first product on our review post is from Godrej. It comes in a navy-grey color. The cover material of this note counter is plastic.

2. Ooze Note Counting Machine

ooze Note Counting /Currency Counting Machine Note Counting...
  • Automatic detecting UV and MG while counting Suitable for most currencies
  • Automatic start and stop Batch, adding and self examination functions
  • Display Type : LED
  • Automatic half note detection Voltage: 110V, 50~60Hz

This note counting machine can count Indian notes of any denomination. It has various sensors that help in magnetic as well as ultra-violet detection of fake notes. The display type of this machine is –LCD. Additionally, this also has a watermark sensor in it. This note counting machine is unique, advanced, and can count up to 1000 notes per minute.

There is a separate extension display on this product. You can pre-set batches of notes between 1 to 999 notes. The switches in the control panel are micro touch. The holder capacity of this product is 15 mm, whereas; the stacker capacity is 30 mm. It can run in an AC Voltage supply of 220 Volts. This note counting machine consumes 60 Watts of power.

3. Kores Easy Currency Counting Machine

Kores Easy Count 440 Currency Counting Machine (Grey)
  • USD and euro detection along with mg detection, uv detection, ir detection
  • Works with currency issued by RBI continuous working for 2 hours
  • Display colour change for error and has automatic currency feeding function automatic counting, preset counting, automatic self checking
  • Half notes detection, double currency detection, counterfeit alarm prevent clamp

The Kores 440 gifts us another incredible device from the famous Kores brand. The machine comes in with an air of style befitting a money handling device, alongside a rather impressive collection of features for a mid-range priced model. Let’s move on and find out.

A black and sky blue body adopts the classic design and adds some style to it by angling the front end, holding the LED display. When it comes to size, the machine’s width, height, and depth measure 11.73 inchx10.43 inx7.08in, respectively.

4. SToK Currency Counting Machine

SToK (ST-MC01) Currency Counting Machine with UV/MG...
  • PRECISE DETECTION - Counts Old And New Denomination 10,20,50,100,200,500,2000 INR,Three powerful methods to detect counterfeit Notes UV - ultraviolet, MG - magnetic and IR - infrared; Three modes can be used simultaneously or separately, guaranteeing the most precise outcome(Machine can show the wrong counting or total number of notes  if the customer puts soiled or dirty notes in the machine).
  • LARGE FRONT FACING DISPLAY - With an easy to read LED screen, changing the operating modes and tracking Note counts is more easier; The external display gives a double view, showing the client what you are counting.
  • EFFICIENT & HIGH CAPACITY - This high speed money counter counts up to 1,000 Notes per minute, there is only a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of missing counterfeit currency; The hopper and stacker capacity is 200 bills, meeting the maximum demand.
  • EASY TO USE - Count, add, and batch modes make money counting simple; In add mode, the machine can add multiple batches together to give you a total count of Notes; In batch mode, Set the machine to count Note in a batch of your choice

Stok Currency counting machine is similar to the Ooze currency counting machine in terms of design and operation efficiency.

It is placed on the second position of our list thanks to its smooth function and dust free cover bag that accompanies the device

5. Office Bird Semi Value Note Counting Machines

Office Bird Semi Value Note Counting Machines with Fake Note...
  • Automatic detecting with uv (ultraviolet) and mg (Magnetic) while counting suitable for most currencies in the world automatic start,stop and clearing with batching,adding,and self-examination functions double-notes detecting with ir (infrred ray) detection system and automatic half-note detection
  • Batch function can gives counted notes in batches, as preset on "batch" function from 1 to 999 notes
  • Ideal to make payments and bundles of loose notes

If you are looking for a note counting machine that does the work within a budget, then the Office Bird Note Counting Machines is an ideal option. It comes with an automatic fake note detector with MG and UV sensors technology. With features like the stop and clearing function and auto-start, it is an amazing product to have at this price point.

6. Easycount Fully Automatic Money Counting Machine

Easycount EC-2000 Fully Automatic Money Counting Machine
  • Counterfiet Detection with UV,MG(Fake Note Detection)
  • Manual/Auto Working Mode
  • Accurate Counting,Batch and addition function
  • Half Note, Broken note and chain notes detection

For all the people who need a note counting machine, here we have come up with the Easycount EC-2000 Automatic Currency Counting Machine, which comes up with the precise results whilst counting the currency notes. This unit comes with a Manual Start functionality, which assists to begin the counting machine physically in place of automatically.

This note counting machine delivers precise outcomes whilst checking fake currency notes using the MG and UV expertise. This model delivers an outstanding note counting speed of about 1000 notes/min. This machine comes with the chained note detection functionality with the adaptable sensitivity of detection.

How to Choose Best Note Counting Machines in India

Mostly these types of currency checking machines are used in banks. But nowadays these are used by small businesses or retail shops etc. Everyone is busy with their own life. These money counting machines can make your work easier. You can count a bunch of amounts within minutes and seconds.

  • Price

The main thing is to purchase wisely by considering your budget. The best note counting machine can cost high. But it is a lifetime investment. There are many models in the market that can fit your budget. Consider the price which you can afford. If you are planning to place it in a small retail shop it is advisable to purchase the low-cost money counting machine. Because there will be less usage of the machine. Such as shopping malls, large businesses need the high-cost money counting machine.

The money counting machine price should be in your budget. Don’t invest too much money in purchasing it. Go for the purchase during the offer time so that you can get it for a discount. In the Indian market due to the sentiment of goddess Lakshmi, the counting machine will be kept for offer mostly during festival times. Don’t miss the chance of buying during that time.

  • Function

The functionality of the currency checking machine differs from model to model. You need to go through the description provided under the description. The fastness and smoothness will be based on the company you select. The best note counting machine company in India will provide a vast range of features that are more useful. The currency counting machine should count large amounts of cash. It should be able to count in a smoother manner while we keep more amounts to count.

  • Capacity

The capacity of the best note counting machine depends on the company that you purchase. Usually, the simpler currency counting machines can count 500 notes at a time while some of the machines can count up to 1000 notes at a single time. If you are going to use the machine at a place where large transactions take place its capacity should be higher. If you are purchasing the currency checking machine for a small business the simple one will be enough.

  • Sensors

If you purchase the best note counting machine which having sensors then there is no need to be afraid. Generally, the currency checking machines consist of two types of sensors UV sensors and MG sensors. These sensors help in detecting errors. There will be no fake counting if the sensors are working.

  • The currency that can be count

If you are purchasing the currency checking machine for counting the Indian currency those machines which will be sold in India will be good enough. If you are placing other currency the INR of the machine cannot be functional.

  • Online reviews

Online reviews are the best thing you need to choose because many customers are updating the comments after the purchase and use of it. With the help of online reviews, you can purchase the best one by going through the live comments provided by your fellow customers.

  • Durability

The durability of the machine should be more so that it gets you for more time. Whatever the cost of the machine maybe it should be durable enough to make you satisfied. Choose the one among the top 10 currency counting machine in India which is more durable.

  • Convenience

The counting machine should be more convenient enough to handle and also it should be easy to move. Choose the best size based on your convenience. Don’t go for the old models as they may weigh somewhat more. Go for the latest models so that you can get it for lightweight. The options to operate should be convenient enough for you to operate. Don’t hesitate to compromise on your convenience.

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