9 Best TDS Meters in India 2021 | Why You Need One?

Best TDS Meters in India: Do you want to drink purely tested water? Do you want to get rid of health problems? Are you in a need of safe drinking water?

Then go and purchase the best TDS meter in India. TDS meter full form is total dissolved solids. This measures the contaminants present in the water. With the help of the reading, you can know whether the water is safe to drink or not.

Best TDS Meters in India

As day by day, the population is increasing and so people are facing problem in getting safe drinking water from the government. With the growing technologies, the industries are also getting increased. The factories are releasing the waste generated into the pure rivers or lakes and polluting them. Due to this people are getting polluted water from water pipes.

Even bore water became contaminated due to the usage of pesticides and chemicals. No, where people are getting pure water to drink. There are very high chances of getting diseases because of drinking this kind of water. It is highly recommended to purchase the best TDS for drinking water.

Best TDS Meters in India

1. HM Digital Aquapro

HM Digital Aquapro AP-2 Water Quality Conductivity Temp...
  • Measures electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Water-resistant housing
  • Auto-off function, data-hold function and low-battery indicator.

The easy-to-read LCD screen of the HM Digital AP-1 is one-of-its-kind. The clear indication comes in handy in testing out the water-quality indoors and outdoors.

Though the product is slightly costly compared to the other products, it sure is worth the purchase. It gives accurate and reliable results with its superior quality. It is one of the primary reasons it has become a consumer-favorite TDS checking machine.

2. Digital LCD TDS Meter Waterfilter Tester

CPEX Pocket Digital Tds Meter For RO Filter Purifier Water...
  • Highly Efficient And Accurate Due To Its Advanced Microprocessor Technology
  • Hold Function: Saves Measurements For Convenient Reading And Recording
  • Auto-Off Function: The Meter Shuts Off Automatically After 10 Minutes Of Non-Use To Conserve Batteries

It is a very affordable TDS meter that comes at a very competitive price point. Also, because of its low price, many people recommend this one if you are going to buy a new TDS meter. The material of this TDS meter is only plastic, and because of the plastic material, it is very portable plus lightweight as well.

You can use this TDS meter for checking the purity of water. It is possible only because of the micron rating that is 0.3 and the filter material that is polypropylene. The company claims that you can use it to measure the TDS level in water filters or purifiers, food drinks, as well as pools or spas.

3. Ionix Plastic Digital Tds Meter

IONIX Imported Tds Meter for ro Water Testing Meter & Ph...
  • This is a digital TDS meter tester for testing the purity of water with 100 Ph testing strips Combo
  • This item can be used in water purifiers and filters, food (vegetable, fruits) drink quality monitoring, pools, spas, aquariums and hydroponic
  • Comes with a Black carry pouch
  • Package contains:- 1 Piece TDS Meter Ionix Model , Ph test Paper

IONIX imported TDS Meter is definitely a unique TDS meter in this entire list as this is an imported TDS meter for measuring the quality of the water. This meter is a very popular model as this will give exact or more accurate readings.

There is a lot that you will get along with the TDS meter. You will get pH strips that can be used for measuring the pH value of the water. You also have calibration features and many other calibration accessories. This is available in many different models and you can choose one that suits your requirements. The price varies from model to model and make sure to check the price as well.

4. WELLON Digital Portable

WELLON Digital Portable Pen Type pH Meter Tester Water...
  • Range 0 to 14 Big Screen Display
  • Accuracy: 0.01 pH ATC : 0°C - 80°C
  • Gives you accurate information. 5 Minutes Auto Shot Off Function
  • Easy to check

As the name suggests it is a water quality tester that is easy to handle and use. Though it is a pocket TDS meter, it comes with a large LCD display that makes it easier to take the reading. It is also endowed with a water temperature reading function. It comes with pore calibration to study the TDS.

In ppm. It is ideal to test different water sources and storage facilities. It is easy to operate and can be used effectively to test the quality and purity of the water as well as determine the efficiency of the water filter that you are using. You can also check the hardness of the water using this meter.

5. Electomania® Pocket Digital Tds Meter

Electomania TDS-RO Pocket Digital TDS Meter for RO Filter...
  • This is a digital tds meter tester, for test the filter water quality purity, check the performance of your water filter, check for hardness (1grain 17ppm), make sure you always drink pure water
  • This item can be used in water purifiers and filters, food (vegetable, fruits) drink quality monitoring, pools, spa's, aquariums and hydroponics
  • Taking temperature measurements 1. Once the meter is on, the temperature function can be used at any time, in or out of liquid, 2. Press the temp button, the display will switch to temperature (in celsius only), 3. To return to tds mode, press the temp button
  • Precautions 1. The meter is not water-tight, do not dip the meter beyond the water level limit, 2. Do not store the meter in high temperatures or direct sunlight, 3. Do not attempt to open the housing or tinker with the electronics of the unit

How to Choose the Best TDS Meters in India?

Drinking water is the most essential thing in our lives. With day by day growing pollution we cannot get pure water. But we need to invest some time in checking what is the level of polluted water we drinking. And we need to purchase the water purifier which suits our TDS meter level.

TDS water meter works in such a way that it can recognize the level of contaminants present in the water we use. Based on this level you can select the water purifier for your home. For home purposes, the manual TDS water meter will be sufficient.

By knowing the benefits of the TDS water meter you may be interested in purchasing the best TDS for drinking water. In this article, we try to provide you the features which you need to consider while purchasing it.

  • Digital display

The display should be so good and the readings should be displayed in a good manner. The digital screen reading is the main part which one to consider a lot for the TDS water meter. Make sure to purchase the best one which shows you a good digital display. And don’t go for the TDS water meter which shows you the blur readings.

  • Results

The accurate results are the most important thing which you need to consider. The results should also be instantaneous without delaying it much. Once you place it in the water you need to sure of the readings it provides. Go for the certified product which is available in the market.

  • On and Off

There should be auto-on and off options available in the TDS water meter you purchase. Make sure this option is present otherwise you may lose the battery capacity if it doesn’t shut off automatically.

  • Battery

The battery life should be more as you may not use it on regular basis. Make sure to purchase the one which gives you better battery life. This makes you use it for a longer time without purchasing the battery always.

  • Resistant

The best TDS meter for drinking water that you purchase should be resistant to water, air, and dust. It should not get rusted when you keep it in water. It should not be spoiled when you place it in the open air. Make sure to purchase the best TDS water meter which can make you keep happy without getting rusted and being resistant for a longer time. Choose a good material product so that you can save your money.

  • Quality

The quality of the TDS meter you purchase should be of high quality so that you won’t get disappointed after investing your money. Don’t spoil your mood by purchasing a less quality product.

  • Easy to use

The TDS water meter which you purchase should be easy to use. The parameters need to easy to understand and make sure to purchase the best one available in the market. The TDS meter should be very easy to operate as people of all ages use it at the home.

  • Price

The TDS meter price should be in your range. Don’t invest too much money or don’t invest too much low money as it gives you an inaccurate reading. The readings to be certified enough hence purchase the best one which is giving accurate readings. The TDS meter price should be in your budget range. Don’t exceed the limit which you keep in your mind. Once you purchase it you may no need to change it in the future hence go for the best one available in the market.

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