10 Best UPS for PC in India (2021) – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best UPS for PC: Having a power cut is common for our Indians. Especially, people, who live in remote areas face a lot of power cuts in a day. This makes the costly devices damaged due to continual power cuts. And also our computer gets damaged because of these unwanted power cuts. The thing is we usually don’t connect our computers or devices to the inverter. Instead of UPS, people use UPS for their computers.

Having a UPS for your system will give a stable amount of power over a period of time so that you can finish your work very fast. You have to close all the tabs and applications in your system before signing off the system. UPS is the most important thing to have for your system as a computer user. UPS is the most advanced device which has many functions. Hence, UPS is the most important thing to be installed in your system to maintain your PC well especially when there is no power backup in your home.

best ups for pc

What is the main difference between Offline UPS and Online UPS?

In an online UPS, the power from the UPS will be supplied to the load from the AC mains through the inverter mix and the rectifier. Whereas the offline UPS permits the power to charge from AC mains. In an online UPS, there will be no time delay while switching the sources.

And there will be no power problem in an online UPS even for Nanosecond also. In an offline UPS as there are two lines of supplies the switching time will be done between these two lines. For an offline UPS, the switching time is around five Milliseconds so that it will be enough time for a computer to sign off. These are the basic differences between offline UPS and online UPS.

10 Best UPS for PC in India

1. APC BX600C-IN 600VA, 230V Back UPS

APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN 600VA / 360W, 230V, UPS System, an...
  • Compact Design Line Interactive UPS with Load Capacity of 360Watts / 600VA. Output Frequency (sync to mains) : 47 - 63 Hz Sync to mains
  • Three Battery Backed up and Surge Protected 6A, 2/3 Pin Output Indian Power Socket
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) with Wide Input Voltage Range 145-290V
  • 1x7.2Ah Battery provides 20 - 75 min. Back-Up time *as per the load

The APC BX600C UPS is a compact UPS that is ideal for home use. At home, we usually have one PC and a couple of accessories connected to it.

One such feature is the alarm function that alerts the user when it starts using the battery during a power failure. Another exciting feature is the battery self-testing feature to enable users to know when to replace the battery.

The Automatic Voltage Regulation feature protects your PC from sudden voltage surges and drops. The battery charging indicator helps you know when the battery is charging and when the charging is complete.


  • Output power capacity: 420 Watts/700 VA
  • Nominal Output Voltage 230V
  • Battery: Maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery
  • Recharging Time: 8 hours Backup Time: 6-90 minutes (depending on the load)

If you were looking for a compact yet efficient UPS for your PC, then you should not look any further than the APC BE700Y-IND With a four-socket compact design, this is a great UPS for the Indian buyers who are experiencing frequent power cuts at your home. APC is from top Ups Brands In India.

The UPS easily gives you additional 10-minutes to save your data and other works in case of a power cut. Also, this is a great buy for the buyers who have very limited space in their PC room and want to fully utilize every single corner of the room. Here are the unique things about the APC BE700Y-IND

3. Zebronics 600 VA UPS

ZEBRONICS Zeb-U725 600VA UPS for Desktop/PC/Computers (not...
  • it is generator compatible. Output voltage regulation (Batt.mode):+/- 10%
  • protects from overloading
  • micro controller based
  • sleep mode charging

Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS is one of the best and economical UPS available in the market. It comprises of all the features that should be present in a UPS and are compatible for usage with all types of PCs.

For devices that consume a high amount of power, this UPS offers a battery backup of around 28 minutes and for low power consuming devices, it can offer a backup for 3 hours continuously. Thus, you can always rely on this backup system.

With a modified sine wave waveform, the device is efficient for heat exhaustion too. Once you charge it fully for around 6 hours, you can be tension-free and expect an optimum output from it.


VGUARD UPS SESTO 600 - 600VA- Application Desktop UPS
  • Application: One computer with 43 cm TFT monitor& one printer (except laser printer)
  • Product Warranty: 24 Months
  • Off-mode battery charging with high voltage protection
  • Backup time : 10 -15 minutes at battery full charge condition

Power fluctuations are a typical cause of different types of wear found in PCs. The V-Guard is a famous name in the UPS segment in India. This manufacturer provides a solution to safeguard electronics against damage during power outages. The VGUARD UPS SESTO 600 is successfully at offering critical protection from recurrent power-ups and downs.

The VGUARD UPS SESTO 600 comes with a rated power of 300 Watts and the power backup is 600 VA. The built-in battery comes with battery support of 12V:1,7Ah. The backup time is 15-20 minutes and it takes 6 hours to fully charge this battery. The efficiency of this UPS is 95%.

5. APC Back-UPS Pro

APC Back-UPS Pro BR1500G-IN, 1500VA / 865W, 230V UPS System,...
  • Sleek Deisgn Line Interactive UPS with total Load Capacity of 865Watts / 1500VA
  • LCD Display and Sleek Design
  • 6 nos. India 3 Pin 6A Output Socket – 4 with Battery backup & 2 with Surge protection Outlets
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) with Wide Input Voltage Range of 170-294V

Probably one of the costliest UPS on our list but it’s a product which offers a great value for your money too. It’s a high-end UPS with advanced functions. One of the main features this model offers is the LCD screen where you can see and monitor various parameters of the UPS.

These APC ups also can be considered as the best ups for gaming PC. Energy management function and green mode technology make this device an energy saver and performance is quite impressive.

How to Purchase Best UPS for Computer

To purchase a UPS for a computer you have to look for some of the basic specifications. These specifications help you to purchase the best UPS for PC. They are :

  • Outlets

If you are having a more number of PC units then you have to consider the number of Outlets to run your PC. In those outlets, two of the outlets will be taken by monitor plugs and the CPU. And the other outlets will be consumed by scanners, speakers, routers, scanners, or other devices. It is totally up to select the outlets but for basic usage at least three outlets are mandatory. You can also extend power to any device by using extensions so that the battery will remain the same and the backup time will be reduced.

Types: There are three types of UPS systems they are online, Line-interactive, and standby.

1. Online UPS: This is completely different from standby and Line-interactive UPS systems. It doesn’t wait for the power cut and works continuously. It is slightly similar to the inverter but in a small unit.

2. Line-interactive UPS: The only difference between Line-interactive UPS is the transformer, which results in high fluctuations in voltage during the supply of power. It maintains to give the usual voltage per unit by keeping safe from fluctuations in voltage.

3. Standby UPS: It is similar to Line-interactive UPS. It doesn’t start working until the power cut. Once there is a power cut the standby mode will turn on and start supplying power. Once the power is back the battery starts getting charged. The switch works really fast around a hundred Milliseconds so that the PC will run safely.

Battery Capacity

The first thing we have to check is backup time or battery capacity. When all the components are combined like CPU, routers, and speakers of all CPU units then you need four hundred watts power to run the system without any trouble. It means you need 640 vol-amperes. Based on the number of components the backup time depends along with power consumption and UPS backup. You should have a minimum of 15 minutes of backup time to complete your work and sign off by closing all the tabs.

  • Cost

we need to get a premium UPS by keeping the cost aside. We have different types of UPS brands and also the price will vary with brands. So try to get the best UPS for computers within your budget.

  • Indicators

If you have indicators in your UPS it will be beneficial for you. Suppose if it is showing red color then you have to charge your battery. And if it showing green color then it is showing the functions of the system which is in a normal state. So have a look at these indicators.

  • Auto-restart

When there is a power-off it resumes the application and starts working after the power is back.

Overload protection

  • It will also protect from overload anywhere in the system from overloading.

These are the specifications to be there for the best UPS. These specifications are the best features for a UPS that makes the UPS run fast so that we can save time and the work will be done very fastly. I will also give you some special features to be there for a UPS:

  1. Better to have a function called the alarm.
  2. It should have the feature self battery testing.
  3. Indicator for the battery charger.
  4. Make sure that a UPS has the battery backup
  5. It should have a handling capacity for the device.

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