10 Best Wall Putty In India For Your Better Home Decor

Best Wall Putty In India: Are you feeling dizzy with your internal walls? Are you feeling uneasy with your dark or light paints? Are the internal paint of your room is unevenly spread?

Best things can be done only by making the best efforts. To get an extraordinary wall of your bedroom or living room or any other rooms one should choose appropriate wall putty in addition to best paint. By choosing the best paint cannot make your walls beautiful. When you apply wall putty before painting the walls then you get a fully aesthetic view in your room.

Best Wall Putty In India

The best paint selection is not the only way to get stunning walls. If you apply the best wall putty in India before applying paint on the wall then you will be able to see a stunning and flawless wall. The correct application of wall putty will leave a great impression on the wall by the viewers.

Best Wall Putty In India

1. Birla Wall Putty

Birla Wall Putty 40KG
  • Birla Wall Putty
  • 40Kg
  • Protective Basecoat For Wall Paints

It has been one of the unique options for a perfect protective wall coat for almost every type of wall paint.

Coming from one of the best wall putty brands in India, it is available in a pack of 40 Kgs. The wall putty from the brand provides you access to an enhanced and improved performance based on a wide range of factors.

Some of them would include durability, bonding, finish, coverage, and water resistance. The putty is a white cement based and comes with water-resistant properties.

2. Ezzi Paints E P Plus Wall Putty

Ezzi Paints E P Plus Cement Base Wall Putty
  • Excellent waterproofing characteristics. "
  • Ready to use, needs only mixing with water.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Best wall Putty in India is the most wanted piece of information on the internet. India is a country with a more developed people and lifestyle. When we look at the current scenario, you can see that most of the Indians have a good house for themselves.

But still, there are many people who don’t have a house but when we look at the available houses in India we can see that most of them are well built and are of good quality also. A good building can be built only with the availability of good quality products. People always give importance to the foundation and structure of the building.

3. J.K White Wall Putty

J.K 1kg White Wall Putty
  • Colour: White
  • Capacity: 1 kg
  • Protective basecoat for wall paints

4. Pmw – Wall Putty

5. KRV A Grade Wall Putty

KRV A Grade Wall Putty, 1 Kg
  • KRV Wall putty is a white fine powdered substance that is used to provide smooth base to the wall surface. It provides smooth damp finish and it allows all types of colours to be applicable over the walls. It is applied on the walls and ceilings prior to priming and painting.
  • Is Wall Putty necessary? The term putty is very common when it comes to home painting. Wall Putty is a white powdered material that is used to provide a smooth base to walls. ... It provides a good smooth finish on your walls. It is applied on the walls and ceiling before applying primer and paint.
  • If the surface has been prepared freshly without any paint, then it will be neededminimum 2 coats of putty. For example, if you are having wall of square feet area 400 then you will be needed a bag of wall putty of about 40 kg.
  • How long does Wall Putty take to dry? Drying Times. Joint compound should generally be allowed to dry for 24 hoursbetween coats and before sanding, painting or priming. High humidity levels and warm temperatures both increase drying time.

6. AtoZ Wall Care Putty

Benefits of applying Wall Putty before Wall Painting

1. Surface finishing in a smooth way:

When we apply wall putty on the wall it forms a strong bond between the cement surface or any hard surfaces. It fills the vacancies or gaps and gives a very smooth finish. One can apply paint on this smooth surface very easily. After applying the wall putty even the cracks are also filled with this and gives a smooth surface which is more suitable for painting.

2. Increases the paint life:

Wall putty has a wide range of strengths which include more adhesive strength and more. This makes the paint to remain for longer days. It also protects the wall from deterioration and many other things.

3. Multi-functional:

The wall putty can be applied to all types of walls. It can be applied to external and internal walls. And it can also be applied for old or new, dry or wet walls. It gives an excellent finish to your wall.

Disadvantages of Wall Putty

  • It cannot be mixed with a hand. Mechanical stirrers are needed for mixing the wall putty
  • After mixing it should be applied to the wall within less time. If it is dried it will be useless.
  • The application of wall putty needs skilled persons. It needs trained labor to the desired finish.
  • Many of the households won’t use the wall putty.

Types of Wall Putty

1. White cement wall putty:

The white cement wall putty can be applied for both external and internal walls. It is made of white cement. The white cement wall putty has superior binding efficiency. It has added polymers. The white cement wall putty has added minerals in it. It will be more useful because it is a white cement based.

2. Acrylic wall putty:

Acrylic wall putty can be applied for internal walls but not for external walls. It has less efficiency than the white cement wall putty. Acrylic wall putty is a mixture of acrylic and water. The acrylic wall putty is water based solution while white cement wall putty is white cement based solution. The acrylic wall putty is inferior in binding efficiency while compared to the white cement wall putty.

Here we provide a list of features that should be considered while purchasing the best wall putty in India. You can rely on these features in order to select the best wall putty brands in India.

How to Select the top 10 Wall Putty brands in India

  • Smooth finish

The main reason for applying wall putty is to get a smooth finish. One should select the best wall putty in India to get a better outcome. The wall putty you applied should leave a smoother finishing by filling the wall cracks, vacancies, extra spaces, holes, etc. you can check out the finishing of the wall putty which is provided by the manufacturers.

  • Water-resistant

The resistance is the major thing that should be considered while purchasing the best wall putty in India. The wall putty should be water-resistant in order to get better results. Acrylic wall putty is advisable for water resistance. The wall putty should manage the water sewage in order to get the best results after painting.

  • Expiry date

Before purchasing the wall putty one should check the expiry date. Usually, the wall putty can be used for 6- 12 months after packaging. After checking the expiry date you can select the best wall putty.

  • Price

The wall putty price comparison will be different for different brands. It costs according to the company that you are going to purchase. The wall putty costs nearly 500-1000 rupees per bag. By applying the wall putty there will be a need for less effort to apply paint. You get the stunning walls after the completion of the painting of your internal or external walls.

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