Best Stabilizer for Led TV in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guides

Best Stabilizer for Led TV: Do you have a television at your home? Do you feel worried about your tv getting damaged due to frequent voltage drops? Do you have power cuts at your place? Do you need to have some stable power to your tv? Do you want your tv to function for a longer time?

Then it is better to go for the stabilizer which can fulfill your requirement. When you purchase it be careful where the product is really working well in managing the voltage drops and power cuts. Whatever the price of led tv been purchased there are high chances of getting damaged due to this unstable power. It is very much important for everyone to purchase the best stabilizer for tv.

Best Stabilizer for Led TV

Best Stabilizer for Led TV in India 2021

During the rainy seasons due to thunders, there are high chances of tv and many electronic devices getting short circuited. It is better to go for the purchase of a stabilizer instead of losing your valuable products. As you purchase many devices at your home for daily use once if any device got damaged you feel so discomfort. Among those electronic devices tv is the most important one chosen by every household.

The stabilizer keeps the voltage to pass to the devices in a stable manner without any fluctuations. This makes the device to handle the power to come in a stable way and can sustain for a longer time. As you invest a good amount of money and time in purchasing the best led tv for your home. Invest the same amount of money and time to purchase the best stabilizer for tv. V guard stabilizer for led tv is the most popular one in the market.

Even the large inches tv needed it. One who invests a lot of money for large inches tv they must and should purchase the stabilizer. Choose the best voltage stabilizer for 55 inch led tv. Not only for 55 inch every tv needed it but as it costs a lot of money we are just giving precautions for them.

1. V-Guard VWI 400

V-Guard VWI 400 2850-Watt AC Stabilizer (White)
  • Intelligent Time Delay System
  • Working range-130V to 280V- Maximum output up to 240V
  • Compatible with Regular & Inverter ACs
  • Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection

V-Guard is a reputed manufacturer of voltage stabilizers in India. Air conditioners are the worst hit of all electrical appliances during voltage fluctuations. The compressor in the AC units can undergo damage if the input voltage fluctuates above or below the permissible range.

The wall mounting feature of this voltage stabilizer is an advantage as it does not come in contact with water, especially when you clean your house. It also allows you to keep this stabilizer out of reach of children.

This three-phase stabilizer has a digital indicator that indicates the output voltage. It is a long-lasting stabilizer as it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of three years.

2. V-Guard VG500 Stabilizer

V-Guard VG500 Stabilizer for 2 Ton AC (Working Range:...
  • Suggested application: 2 Ton AC , Cabinet Material :ABS , Capacity : 15 Amps
  • Working range of the AC (after connecting the stabilizer): 170-270 V
  • LED Indication; IC Controlled
  • Built in thermal overload protection; Low & High Voltage cut off ; Time Delay: ITDS 3Min ±20 sec ; Cabinet Material: ABS ; Application: One AC (Up to 2 Ton)/24000 Btu/Hr

V-Guard is for sure one of the most well-known brands that make stabilizers keep your costly appliances safe. With an input voltage range of 170V to 270V; it has all the smart features and advantages similar to the previous V-Guard stabilizer discussed above.

It can easily function with all major brands of air conditioners and maintains a steady flow of voltage. A wide variety of TV types are supported including smart TVs and 3D LED TVs with screen sizes ranging from 32 inches to 47 inches.

3. Microtek EM4170+ 170-280V Digital Voltage Stabilizer

Microtek EM4170+ 170-280V Digital Voltage Stabilizer...
  • Operating Voltage: 170-280 volts, Wall Mounted Design This Stabilizer has an ergonomic Wall Mounting Design that makes it extremely easy to install
  • Material: Metal, Color: Metallic Grey, Item Dimension: 275mm x 160mm x 160mm
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Stabilizer, 3 years warranty on product
  • Intelli microchip based design,Intelli auto start

If you want to protect your inverter AC but don’t want to spend much on a stabilizer then this is the ideal option for you. The Microtek EM4170 is suitable for up to 1.5 ton AC. It also has high and low voltage cut-off protection like V-Guard. The operating voltage for this stabilizer is 170V to 270V.

This is definitely a much affordable option but comes with a few limitations. This is why it is our 2nd recommended AC stabilizer. For example, Microtek lacks the time delay feature. And the design is also not very eye appealing like the V-Guard.

4. Candes SS 4kVA

Candes SS 4kVA for 1.5 Ton AC (90V to 290V) Voltage...
  • Suitable for Air Conditioner (AC) up to 1.5 Ton - Inverter AC / Window / Split AC
  • Wide Operating Voltage range (Input): 90 Volts to 290 Volts, the product will automatic cut-off the AC outside this voltage range. Suitable for AC - 1.5 Ton / 1 Ton / 0.75 Ton / 0.5 Ton
  • Built in thermal overload protection, Initial time delay system, Low and High voltage cut-off protections
  • Compact Design, Cost Effective, ITDS Technology, HMC Technology

Candes offers a suitable stabilizer for your home AC (1.5 ton). Save your expensive home appliances from breaking down due to surging voltage. It is compact in design, made with the latest HMC technology and ITDS technology. Apart from these unique features, it is cost-effective and it is one of the best features when a consumer is making any buying decision.

5. V-Guard Mini Crystal Supreme TV Stabilizer

This is a voltage stabilizer with an elegant and refreshing compact design. Its user-friendly LED indicator is everyone’s favorite feature of this product. It may look small but it is not small when it comes to its features.

V-Guard Mini Crystal Supreme TV Stabilizer for up to 82 cm...
  • APPLICATION: Smart/LED TV up to 82 cm (32"), Set-top Box; CAPACITY: 1.3 A; WORKING FREQUENCY: 50 Hz; COLOUR: Black
  • FEATURES: Black ABS Cabinet with Wall Mounting Facility, Analog input voltage correction, Built-in Thermal Overload Protection for preventing appliance burn out, User Friendly Status Indication; Metal Oxide Varistor Spike Protection

How to Choose a Stabilizer for Led TV?

  • Screen

The screen should be of a digital type which makes you clearly visualize the things on the screen. If it is of display screen then you can clearly visualize the things and voltage fluctuations. If it is showing more fluctuations within less time then you can switch off your tv if needed to be safe.

  • Plug

The plugs of the stabilizer should be more and fit enough. There need to be more if possible so that you can connect many devices. As you connect more devices to the stabilizer there are high chances of it getting broken or plug board is coming out. Make sure to purchase a stronger product.

  • Suitability

The stabilizer which you need to purchase need to apt to your devices at home and also it should be able to adjust for the fluctuations at your place.

  • Shape and size

The shape and size should be suitable for your tv and also for the place where you will keep it in your home. Maximum people choose the tv to be placed in the hall as the whole family watches it. Then the shape of the stabilizer should be flat so that it gets balanced in the hall desk or in the cupboard. But make sure to keep it away from children. The size also should not be so large as it looks awkward at your slim and smart tv you purchase for your home.

  • Warranty

The warranty period should be more as it needs more time to control the current fluctuations. Choose the best company product with more warranty period available.

  • Price

The price starts from a thousand for the best stabilizer for tv. Make sure to go for the best one for your budget. Many electronic selling companies place the product in the discount when they sell earlier year model products. Then you better purchase it you can get for a lower price.

Our Suggestions:

1. Keep it on some height so that your children cannot touch it.

2. While cleaning don’t touch it with wet hands as you may get a current shock if you do this way.

3. Make sure to check whether it is getting heated up easily. If it is happening in a quick time then don’t touch it frequently. You may get hurt. Choose the product which doesn’t get heated up so easily.

4. While unplugging switch off and then only do it.

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