MouthShut launches daily deals website
09 May 2011

The promoters of, an Indian consumer social network, have launched as a daily deal website in India. Presently, the website provides deals in Mumbai and will be adding in more cities soon with Delhi to be the next in the pipeline. plans to expand all over India by December 2011.

Faisal Farooqui, CEO, said; “For years MouthShut members asked us for an online purchase options. Our deals are hunted by people who themselves have a tight budget but still aspire to buy the best value for their money. is the right way to cash on the best bargains in town. Our experience with has given us enough reasons to make sure that the deals are always genuine. No gimmicks and no tricks.”

According to MouthShut, consumers trust the site and brands understand that consumers use the platform to talk about them and the importance of consumer’s opinions. “ has been the first and foremost destination of consumers and brands alike. Now, has diversified its offerings to bring you We value consumer ideas and trust, and now we will help consumers get the best value in all their purchases,” the company said in a blog post


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08 Apr 2012

Really useful for shoppers
Thanks for sharing friend ;-)
But, daily new deal websites are coming
Whats chance of there survival

13 Dec 2011

I like how they say "we wont spam you" under the text box where you enter your email ID - but no such statement under the box where you enter your mobile number. hmmm

07 Dec 2011

The section of the people of India that has access to Internet sure is inundated with pop-ups and advertorial postings that speak of 90% discounts on various wares. Even with major companies fishing for, and serving in a yummy Sushi, irresistible deals to the denizens of more than 250 major and minor cities across India, the daily deals scenario is still just warming up. Are a rage among the elite sections of the Indian society who have broadband connection and a note-worthy dispensable income. Even with the revolutions in the corporate world, and the steadily increasing section of employees with considerable dispensable incomes, daily deals websites in India have not yet the reach they require to be the rage their peers do in the western hemisphere. This is because Indians are sticklers of tradition, and virtual shopping is anything but traditional. Though the nation does crave hefty discounts, a possible reason of their unpopularity may be the fact that most of these deals come with expiry dates – they run for 24 to 36 hours only. This translates to shuffling your schedule to avail yourself of an economic meal, instead of being the master of your time and deciding what to do when. Besides, the reach of such websites is not impressive in the least, limited by the reach of technology in the country. 5% of the Indian population has access to computers, and about 3% enjoy the luxury of broadband. This means that a percentile of people much lower than 3 is actually consuming the deals offered by these online portals. This statistic can be improved by exploiting the various online and offline media of advertising available, but gigantic leaps of development can’t be expected unless technological leaps are made, and technology is made accessible to a wider range of people. India is not without its cyber space companies that stand as the nation’s response to American bigwigs. wish2buy is aspiring to become India’s biggest daily deals websites with a grip so tight on the country that market observers predict that Groupon’s venture into the Indian market will be rendered difficult because of the stiff competition being offered by SnapDeal, dealsandyou ,wish2buy. A number of foreign companies are working in collaboration with local companies to exploit what appears to be a highly successful line of trade, though still in its infantile stage. Swept with the current, a number of entrepreneurs had launched their own sites that offer deals every day, and those who were unable to stand up against the heavy competition either shut shop or coalesced into bigger companies that could. Foreign giants in the sector are buying, in part or whole, local websites on the field to venture into the Indian market. Regardless of whether or not the industry is developing at a phenomenal pace in India, fact remains that an astounding number of entrepreneurs are foraying into the field to test their luck and work. This sector has a lot of growing up to do, but the adolescent seems to be quite productive too.

Dealface spam
12 Aug 2011

Dealface sends spam SMS. Sorry folks, randomly spamming anyone is not such a good idea. Faisal should take a note.

Mohit Kumar
03 Aug 2011

Good website,clean UI, but I don't see a clear USP in this product of mouthshut, maybe having better deals could separate them from other deal sites . Let's see how it goes when they are present in al major cities.

Surin Tafbum
12 May 2011

this Dealface site is pretty damn good

Thank Alootechie for letting us knkw

Soman Rhea
10 May 2011

I liked design and layout and simplicity. Very appealing.
have yet to try buying a deal.

09 May 2011

In past two months . I am seeing 4-5 deals site coming up .... Looks like.... this year ... online purchase will increase by 50%-60% and Online Ads market too ...